Baking made fun & easy

Nothing makes us happier than the smell of fresh home-made treats. Some of our favourite childhood memories were made laughing and baking. Our favourite memories as adult are made sharing beautiful handmade dishes with loved ones.

We believe wholesome home baked desserts are fundamental to a healthy lifestyle. Having a treat is a complex sensorial experience which involves much more than eating. The full experience of baking is blissful:  the sound of  cracking an egg, the texture and glossiness of melted chocolate, the aromas of fresh baking, the laugh we share and the anticipation of tasting mouth-watering baking are all key aspects of the joy of baking.

Making and sharing sweets is one of the simple pleasures of life that takes our breath away.  We are happy to share the joy of baking at home without the mess, hassle, the inconvenience of wasted ingredients nor the risk of trying poorly tested recipes. Each kit provides:

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