Let’s celebrate mothers

Moms are very specials in our lives and even when we are all grown up we still need them. We love their voice, their supporting presence and everything they do for us. When moms are there, everything suddenly feels better. Moms work hard to make our lives easier and Mother’s Day is a great time to celebrate how much we love them.

As we are doing our best to respect physical distancing, Mother’s Day can be a little more challenging this year as our mother’s arms cannot give us a hug. The challenges we are facing due to physical distancing is an opportunity to be especially thankful for our mothers and to make this Mother Day extra special for the mothers who are so important in our lives. 

Even with social distancing, we have the opportunity to make sure this day is very special for the women we love so much. This year, ZestyKits is here to help you make this day very special eventhough we might not be able to visit with eachother.

Take the Time to Make a Video Call

One thing we have learned in the last few weeks is that we need to make time to connect with our loved ones. Text messages and emails are great. However, for a special day like Mother’s Day, we encourage you to make a video phone call to enrich the quality of communication. Talking allows us to hear eachothers voice. The voice is the connection with our soul and allow us to feel closer even though we still have to stay apart. Viewing each other, even through a camera, makes us feel close and enables us to read eachothers body language. Research shows communication is 93% non-verbal. Non-verbal communication includes: vocal tone, facial expression, fidgeting,  head and hand movement, posture. The more non-verbal attribute a method of communication provides, the richer the quality of interaction. Video calls enables a richer communication and we encourage you to video call the mothers you cannot see in person this Mother’s Day. 

Order the ZestyKits Mother’s Day Brunch

Surprise mom by ordering a special meal toshare on a virtual brunch. Being apart does not means that you cannot share a meal together. Our wonderful Mother’s Day brunch menu let’s dad easily make brunch with the kids to celebrate mom with a delicious and local Sunday brunch.

Make a Card with the Colouring Page in your Brunch Kit

Handmade cards are a sweet reminder of love and appreciation. In your brunch kit you will find a special mother’s day colouring page made by a Saskatchewan artist. You can ask the kids to colour and write personal notes in the card to give a special handmade present to mom.  Colouring and writing in the mother’s day card is a beautiful and memorable activity for children that will warm mom’s heart.