Creamy yellow split pea soup

This yellow split pea soup is a flavor and protein powerhouse. Just one small bowl offers over 15 grams of protein. Yellow peas are packed with fiber, protein, and tons of vitamins. If the nutritional content doesn’t make you excited to try this recipe, the taste most certainly will. This soup uses rich, warming spices to yield layers of flavor that will keep your taste buds entertained. It’s kind of like warm sunshine in soup form. Yummy!

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You Will Need



Cook onion: Dice the onion in 1 cm dices. In a large pot, heat the oil (1/2 tsp, 1 tsp, 1 1/2 tsp) on medium heat. Add the onion to the pot and cook for about 5 minutes until the onion is tender. 


Cook the soup: Rinse the yellow split pea in a strainer. Add the yellow split pea, cumin, turmeric & vegetable concentrate and water (3 1/2 cups, 7 cups, 10 1/2 cups) to the pot. Bring to a boil and let simmer covered on low-medium heat for 40 minutes.

When the soup has about 10 minutes left to simmer, turn on the oven to 400F to heat up the ciabatta.


Prepare the tomato and parsley: Wash and dry all produce. Dice the tomato in 1/2 cm dices and roughly chop the parsley.


Combine the soup garnish: Cut the lemon in half and juice it using a lemon juicer or a fork. Add lemon juice (1 tbsp, 2 tbsp, 3 tbsp) to a small bowl. Add the olive oil (1 tbsp, 2 tbsp, 3 tbsp), diced tomatoes and parsley to a small bowl. Combine.


Finish the soup and heat the ciabattas: Place the ciabatta in the oven to heat for about 3 minutes.

While the ciabattas are warming up, place the soup in the blender and blend until smooth, about 1 minute. If required, blend the soup in 2 batches to ensure the blender is not overfilled. Return the blended soup to the pot, heat turned off, and add lemon juice (1/2 tbsp, 1 tbsp, 1 1/2 tbsp), pepper (1/8 tsp, 1/4 tsp, 1/2 tsp), and salt (1/4 tsp, 1/2 tsp, 1 1/2 tsp). Combine. Taste and adjust salt and pepper as desired.


Garnish and Serve: In individual bowls, place the soup, garnish with the tomato and parsley garnish and serve with the warm ciabatta.

Bon Appétit!



2 portions

4 portions

6 portions


1 small

1 medium

1 large

yellow split pea

2/3 cup

1 1/3 cup

2 cups





fresh parsley

4 gr

8 gr

12 gr





spice blend

1 1/2 tsp

3 tsp

4 1/2 tsp





olive oil

1/2 tsp + 1 tbsp

1 tsp + 2 tbsp

1 1/2 tsp + 3 tbsp


1/4 tsp

1/2 tsp

3/4 tsp


1/8 tsp

1/4 tsp

1/2 tsp


3 1/2 cups

7 cups

10 1/2 cups

Health fact

Dr. Craig Herrington, Naturopath

Owner of Regina Naturopathic

A 25 year study of 16,000 men, found that those who regularly consumed legumes (like dried peas) had an 82% lower risk of heart disease.

Cooking with kids

Lacey Engel, Registered Dietician

Owner of Beyond Baby Nutrition

Get those kids in the kitchen! Little ones as young as two years old can help with meal prep. When kids help prepare food, they may be more likely to try the same food at the table.

Making this recipe for kids?
Soup can be hot and uncomfortable to eat for children. You can place the soup in a larger bowl so it cools down.

Making this recipe with kids?
Ask the child to help by completing step 6:  

  • Garnish and serve

Recommended wine pairing

Brumont merlot-tannat
Bright, bold aromas of cherry, plum, raspberry and strawberry also including toasted nuts, oak and hints of vanilla.
Region: South-West France
Alcohol: 13.5%
(SLGA): $13.97

E&J Gallo family vineyards chardonnay
Flavours of citrus notes, hints of vanilla and a dash of oak. The mouth-feel is soft, with a medium weight and slight crispness. A lingering finish tastes of ripe, red apples.
Region: California
Alcohol: 13%
(SLGA): $10.20


Note: We cannot guarantee any dish is allergen free. 

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