Explore the best of Saskatchewan through your kitchen!

Easily made, health focused recipes, high-quality handmade meal kits.

How It Works


We plan healthy, zesty & seasonal recipes that allow you to discover new flavors


We shop locally to find all the fresh ingredients you need to prepare mouth-watering meals


We prepare ingredients to ensure that they are perfectly portioned & measured to make cooking fast, fun & easy


Once a week we deliver high quality and fresh ingredients to your door in your hands


You create quick & delicious meals using our step by step recipes and enjoy every bite

Flat Out Delicious

What is Flat Out Delicious? Flat Out Delicious is a valuable travel book that takes us on a journey to meet Saskatchewan’s farmers and producers. This book captures the stories and values of Saskatchewan’s resilient and inspiring farmers and producers.

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Community Support

In the light of the current events, ZestyKits is joining forces with local businesses to provide you a series of supportive blogs. Let’s support each other, together we are unshakable.

Hot Chocolate

Snowy days means hot chocolate time! The first hot chocolates were bitter and spicy. Mayans are generally beleived to have invented hot chocolate in 1400 BC. In 1502, Christopher Colombus was the first european to taste hot chocolate – and he didn’t

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Picture by our beautiful cousin and friend Myriam @the.farm.folk 
Our little cousin, Asher, and Zina are enjoying the sun after a long rain.

What people are saying


I am so glad that I decided to try out ZestyKits! As a person who loves cooking sometimes you just want to try something new and don’t know where to start. ZestyKits has provided me with unique, fresh, locally-sourced, and delicious meal kits that have elevated my passion for cooking! Thanks ZestyKits!


There is one key difference between ZestyKits and all other meal services available in Regina – they use LOCAL high quality products to ensure each meal provides the maximum amount of health benefits and flavour! Try ZestyKits – your body will thank you!

Kim & Jeff

ZestyKits has not only served as a simple, wholesome meal option for us, but rather has greatly contributed to a healthier lifestyle overall. Each week, we have the opportunity to try a host of new and delicious grains, lean meats, vegetables, and spices. Through ZestyKits, we have learned to prepare all of our meals in the most nutritious way possible!

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